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The new Evernote version (3.3) for Apple’s mobile devices is a universal binary that will run on all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. There aren’t many changes for iPhone / iPod Touch users in this version, but if you run it on an iPad you get a completely new user experience.

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If you have not used Evernote yet you are probably still writing a lot of things down on paper or crating way too many bookmarks trying to remember pieces of information.

Evernote is definitely the most useful program that I’ve downloaded and started using in 2009 and in 2010 its my most valuable piece of software on my various computers at home or work and now also on the iPad.

The newest version has been completely re-designed to work well with the iPad, but as yet don’t have any Web-clipper Browser Add-on functionality, which is what i use the most.

One of the developers Andrew Sinkov does give some good advice on the Evernote Blog that you can simple email the webpage to your special evernote email address that you receive when you register.

Since Opera mini for the iPad has been launched recently it does bring some hope that one browser on the iPad might get this functionality.
Hopefully we will get an update on this soon at


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