I’ve shown you previously the exact easy steps required on how to get Microsoft Powerpoint onto iPad so that you can edit or present your presentations directly from your iPad

I hope you found the article useful, but I have something even better to share that I just read in a old email I shouldn’t have ignored:

16 April Newsletter – SlideShare : iPad & iPhone support coming soon

If you have been paying attention to the excited chatter about the iPad, then you have probably know that one of discussed issues is how the internet will look on the iPad without Flash.

Well one thing is for sure – SlideShare will look snazzy. It’s still being tinkered with, and is in beta, but we expect SlideShare to be iPad friendly soon.

To check out the Beta, just click on a presentation link – give us feedback – tell us what you would like.

Rest assure, SlideShare will go everywhere you want to take your presentations.

If you haven’t heard of www.Slideshare.net yet, it is a trule remarkable service where you can upload your Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and easily share them around the world.

I’ve done this before with Google Docs, but Slideshare seems to be easier to use and you get a lot more views from your presentation due to the community surrounding the site.

Below is a presentation from Slideshare that I thought would be fitting:

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Didn’t think you needed an iPad? Think again!

…the idea of a MAME cabinet came up and we knew we’d struck gold. How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it old school with some Pac-Man or Space Invaders?

I was extremely disappointed to learn this was an April 1st Joke, since I was more than willing to pay $150 for this awesome concept gadget, especially since the iPad has now been jailbroken to play Nintendo and other MAME games

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Tourists visiting Israel might be completely confused and rightfully upset when they realize their iPad’s would be confiscated on arrival, as has been the case for at least 11 tourists at the Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The head of customs at Ben-Gurion International Airport said yesterday they have confiscated 10 iPads, including those their owners declared and on which they offered to pay the 16% VAT required by law. via haaretz.com Isreal News

The Article goes on to (not really) explain the reason by simply blaming it on the iPad not being compatible with “Israels wireless standards”?

The ministry has not given the device categorical approval required for wireless devices; and ministry officials say its wireless technology is not compatible with Israeli standards.

The Article explains that theoretically all “Wifi compatible” devices can work anywhere in the world and the restriction is only on the Wireless transmitting devices such as your WIFI Router.

Possibly Israel doens’t like the fact that users can easily setup Ad-hoc wireless networks, but then they might as well ban all Apple equipment which makes it really easy and use the exact same standards…

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Alice for the iPad

Developer Atomic Antelope has released an impressive and unique version of Alice in Wonderland for the iPad.

What other industry experts are saying about it:


>Alice for the iPad is a shining example of the iPad’s creative potential as an enhanced e-book reader, and serves as another kick in the face for the comparatively homely Kindle

The Unofficial Apple WebBlog:

So, bottom line? Loving it. Just remember to sit on the floor and enjoy your kids while they’re still small enough to smell good and cuddle. Reading out loud is one of our favorite things and Alice is just making it better

Alice in Wonderland for the iPad has been released and it is impressive example of what happens when you combine a great story with creative people and put the right technology in their hands.

Some people would argue that Paper books as we know it will be killed with the iPad, and that might not be that bad (think about all the trees we are cutting down..)

The Good news:
With Digital interactive, high Quality eBooks like this it will make reading FUN again and Imagine if we can get kids to read again.
Now THAT would be a great miracle.

Great Job publishers. Glad you’re getting into the digital age.

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Competing developers iPhone DevTeam and Geohot have announced preliminary successes in jailbreaking iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPad, respectively.

The iPhone DevTeam cracked the developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 less than a week after its announcement at Apple’s April 8 event in Cupertino, CA. Like all jailbreaks before it, the DevTeam will eventually release an automated utility like PwnageTool for users looking to break free of Apple’s walled garden and tap into Cydia, the unofficial app store, as well as the many new and unique features made possible by an open iPhone.

Video of Jailbroken iPad

We all knew the day would come, but I didn’t expect it to be so early.

Either Apple has realized that Developers and Highly Advanced users LOVE jailbreaking devices and didn’t improve their anti-jailbreaking measures, or one of the jailbreaking Gods must have an inside man.

Either way, we are glad this has happened and looking forward to testing, running and possibly breaking some apps on the new iPad.

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The new you tube app for the ipad runs very well, and is super fun to use! btw, sorry about the audio, I was using my friends canon gl2 for this video and accidentally clipped the audio a bit! Become a fan on Facebook: “akatrent’s Tech Scene” www.facebook.com

HTML5 will change the experience of web Video quite a lot (for the better).

Hopefully it will stop Desktop browsers from crashing due to Adobe Flash being such a resource hog, or require you to update your computer’s version of Flash every few months. (Horrible if your work computers are centrally controlled…)

Most importantly it allows the iPad to flawlessly play All the youtube Video’s with ease.

You’ve got to love open standard.

if you have problems with your Desktop machine at work struggling to play youtube due to the Flash update problem, download a proper browser (IE7/IE8 excluded) and visit http://www.youtube.com/HTML5 and opt in to HTML5.

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UPDATE IV April 12. 2010: The WePad prototype they have shown at the press conference ran an ordinary Windows! That was clearly visible in video sequences from Reuters. In the center of the screen a Windows error message popped up, which the most of us know well enough to identify. Here’s a screenshot of that sequence:

Screen shot from a Reuters video from german Yahoo site, see seconds 6 to 8. Another video from RTL2 shows the ugly error message at 0:30.

There has been so many Hardware that has come out and has been called an
a) iPhone Killer
b) iPad Killer
c) (substitute with Apple trademark) Killer

The problem with most of these devices are that unlike the Apple equivalents it lacks any culture or real quality.

Don’t get me wrong, Give me one for free and I’ll test it out very objectively… since I’d love to find one Windows based product which is good.

Simply looking at the screen-shots you can see the Ugly Windows Error message.
And since it runs windows, say Hello to Viruses.
(If I get challenged I might just create a P.O.C just to show how futile it is still sticking to the Microsoft Platform for anything)

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photo credit: Gabriele B.One of the most requested features of the iPhone was contact management and grouping as well as sending to multiple recipients.

Well looking at the iPhone OS 4.0 which will also run on the iPad, this should now be possible, even be it through an app.

Because of the new “in App” SMS messaging API – Application Programming Interface, it would not be very difficult to create an app, which allows you to group contacts into “mailing lists” and send out a SMS broadcast.

I used to do this when I was travelling back to my hometown, to let everyone I would like to meet up with know I’m on my way in. (Usually I would just organise one large party, which allows me to see everyone in one big swoop, and then spend holiday the rest of the visit)

photo credit: Ben AtkinExclusive : Apple iPad Now Available In The UK – ITProPortal.com

Thanks for Desire at ITProPortal its come to our attention that for the few of you living in the UK, who want and iPad RIGHT NOW,and just cannot wait another 3 weeks now have an option to purchase the iPad and be one of the first in the UK, prior to the rumored release date of the 24th of April

No, this does not require flying to the USA, simply some online shopping will do, if you are willing to pay the pre-release premium…

08 April, 2010, by Desire Athow

If you’re itching to get your mitts on an iPad, can’t wait till the end of the month for the official product launch and Ebay is not your preferred route, then there are at least two retailers in the UK that are selling Apple’s quasi-legendary device.

Purelygadgets have confirmed to us that they have stocks of the three versions of the iPad currently on sale in the US. Prices range from £700 for the 16GB version to £870 for the 64GB version with the 32GB version for £786 including free next day delivery.

Simply Electronics are also stocking all three versions of the iPad for £540, £630 and £740 respectively with free delivery, prices that are more reasonable compared to Purelygadgets.

Apple has yet to confirm exactly when the iPad will be available in the UK although rumours point to the 24th of April, the only available “normal” weekend before the bank

I will definitely just wait another few weeks until the UK launch as I hope the prices will be closer to the current USA prices, although for some reason IT equipment in the United Kingsom is almost always at least 25% more expensive than in the US

Nonetheless, if one of you do decide to pre-purchase feel free to arange a meetup and let me get my hands on it

Well, if you can’t wait you cant wait… and Its still cheaper than purchasing it over Ebay and paying US to UK postage.

Patience however is a virtue which I will happily practice in this occasion.
24th April I will visit the Oxford Street Apple Store and get one of these puppy’s.

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Well, welcome to the site.

My Ipad is coming on the 24th of April to London,

So… I will put up more tutorials and ticks when it comes.Why not subscribe to our Newsletter or News feed ?